2010 ABRET Changes

ABRET has announced some rate increases for their exams starting in 2010:

Written Exam EEG Part I $320.00
Written Exam R. EP T. $320.00
Written Exam CNIM Path I (neurodiagnostic credential route) $420.00
Written Exam CNIM Path II (bachelor’s degree route) $710.00
Written Exam CLTM $420.00
EEG & EP Exam Repeat Candidates, One Section $200.00
EEG & EP Exam Repeat Candidates, Two Sections $275.00
EEG & EP Exam Repeat Candidates, Three Sections $325.00

Also, starting in 2010 you can get your R. EP T. by only taking a written exam however the credential lasts 5 years.  If you already took your written but are pending the oral you can still take the oral up to 2014 and get a 10 year R. EP T. credential. Alternatively ABRET says if you want to forget the oral you can retake the new EP written and get the 5 year credential. [ABRET]

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