Qualifications:  Any member in good standing may serve as Local Arrangements Chairperson as appointed by the President and Council. Generally, this person will also reside near the meeting site.

The Local Arrangements Chairperson will be appointed for each annual meeting.  The primary responsibility of the Local Arrangements Chairperson is to reserve meeting rooms, hotel rooms, breaks, and a social event with consideration to costs and adequacy of accommodations.

Other duties include:

1.  Assure that space is available for registration and information booth.
2.  Obtain direction signs throughout the meeting site.
3.  Check on availability of audiovisual equipment and needs.
4.  Distribute information of local interest (maps, shopping, museum, entertainment, etc.) to registrants.
5.  Make hotel reservation for President.
6.  Keep in close contact with President and Treasurer for expense guidelines and approval.
7.  Keep in close contact with T & E Chairperson for meeting room requirements.
8.  Check with Treasurer regarding registration and adjust space as needed when possible.
9.  Report to Board and general membership regarding arrangements and expenses.
10.  Provide records for succeeding Local Arranger in timely manner (usually in writing within 3 months of meeting) and assist as needed.
11.  The Local Arrangements Chairperson shall obtain bonding for $30,000, the cost of which will be paid by CSET.
12.  Work with the President to plan Board Dinner.
13.  Should be present at the Board Dinner to present a verbal and written report regarding activities throughout the planning process.

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