Qualifications:  Any member in good standing may be elected to the office of President.

The main business of the Society is carried out at the annual meeting.  The President must be able to attend the annual meeting.  The President serves a two-year term and is not eligible for election to a second term.  The primary responsibility of the President is to supervise affairs and activities of the Society.

Other duties include:

1.  Following term as President, 2-year term on Board as immediate Past President.
2.  Officiate at the Board meeting and business meetings held annually.
3.  Appoint Committee Chairpersons including Training and Education, future site’s Local Arranger, Nominations, Scholarship, Historian, Midliner Editor, Educator of the Year, Website, Constitution and Bylaw Review when needed, and others shortly after annual meeting and preferably in writing.
4.  Prepare letters of thanks to past or outgoing Committee Chairpersons, Board Members, and Officers.
5.  Keep in contact with ASET, usually through the ASET newsletter, regarding new Officers and Board Members, as well as updating upcoming meeting information.
6.  Prepare “President’s Letter” for the Midliner biannually as requested by the Editor.
7.  Keep in contact with Officers and Board Members throughout the year with information on upcoming meeting(s) or changes in addresses or phone numbers of Officers, Board Members, and Chairpersons.  Discuss next annual meeting with Local Arranger and T & E Chairperson as soon as possible after completion of current meeting.
8.  Prepare agenda for Board meeting.
9.  Approve expenses as needed.
10.  Make sure Midliner is published in a timely manner and that Editor has all information needed regarding upcoming meeting.
11.  Speak with other Societies regarding their plans for future meetings.
12.  Maintain a record of all communications during the term of office to serve as a guide for future Presidents.
13.  Serve the membership in any manner that will advance the science and technical standards of electroneurodiagnostics in the central region of the United States.
14.  Work with Local Arranger

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