Qualifications:  Any member in good standing may serve as Training and Education Chairperson as appointed by the President and Board.

The Training and Education Chairperson will be appointed annually.  However, there is no limit as to the number of years a person may serve in this capacity.  The primary responsibilities of the Training and Education Chairperson are to arrange and moderate the educational courses and workshops at the annual meeting.

Other duties include:

1.  Choose assistants as needed.
2.  Decide on topics and/or theme.  Generally these will include both basic and advanced topics.
3.  Call for speakers through the Midliner (the issue following the preceding meeting) or by other means as needed.
4.  Finalize speakers and topics six (6) months prior to the meeting.
5.  Have program out 3 months before meeting.
6.  Send finalized program to Secretary for printing and distribution.
7.  Contact ASET and send ACE application forms at least three (3) months prior to the meeting.
8.  Confirm date and time, in writing, with each speaker.
9.  Obtain speaker information.
a.  Complete ACE form forty-five (45) days prior to meeting.
b.  Make a list of AV needs and forward to Local Arranger.
c.  Supply Course Directors with speaker information for introduction.
10.  Keep in contact with Local Arranger and Treasurer regarding registration and space available as needed.
11.  Send names of speakers and amount of honorarium ($1.00/minute) to Treasurer.
12.  Make Sure AV equipment is available.
13.  Get ACE forms ready for distribution before end of meeting.
14.  Send ACE report to ASET.
15.  Send thank you notes to speakers.
16.  Report to Board.
Provide Succeeding Training and Education Chairperson with written record and support as requested.

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