Qualifications:  Any member in good standing may be elected to the office of Treasurer.

The main business of the Society is carried out at the annual meeting.  The Treasurer must be able to attend the annual meeting.  The Treasurer serves a two-year term and is eligible for election to a second term.  The primary responsibility of the Treasurer is to dispense the monies of the society in a cost effective manner and to keep accurate records of all transactions.  All financial documents maintained for CSET by the Treasurer are property of the Society.

Other duties include:

1.  Prepare an annual budget proposal.
2.  Get receipts for all expenses.
3.  Obtain President’s approval on all expenses over $50, aside from postage.
4.  Maintain funds in an interest bearing checking account.
5.  Keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements.
6.  Identify and document revenue and expenses throughout the year.
7.  Submit an annual financial report to the Board and general membership.
8.  Submit all receipts, cancelled checks, correspondence, and any other material to a qualified auditor, biannually or when the office changes hands, for an audit verifying the financial transactions of the society.
9.  Obtain bonding for thirty thousand dollars ($30,000).  The cost of the bonding will be paid by the Society.
10.  Transfer all financial statements and records to the newly elected Treasurer at the new officer’s installation.
11.  May also be responsible for meeting registration if deemed appropriate by the Training & Education Chairperson.
12.  Complete any other duties as assigned by the President, especially those involving the finances of the Society.
13.  File an Annual Report, audit to be done biannually.

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