Qualifications:  Any member in good standing may serve as Website Committee Chairperson as appointed by the President and Board.

The Website Committee Chairperson will be appointed annually.  However, there is no limit as to the number of years a person may serve in this capacity.  The primary responsibilities of the Website Committee Chairperson are to update and maintain the website.

Other duties include:

1.  Will receive a stipend of $100/year to maintain active status with web hosting service.
2.  Post, and update as needed, the following information on the CSET website (www.csetonline.org):
a.  Membership application, and the process for becoming a member,
b.  List of Officers and Committee Chairs,
c.  Job descriptions for Officers and Committee Chairs,
d.  Upcoming meeting information,
e.  Current and archived issues of the Midliner,
f.  Links to national, regional, and state END organizations and training programs,
g.  Other information as deemed appropriate by the Board.
3.  Maintain security and confidentiality of the website.
4.  Function as first point of contact for issues involving the website.
5.  Should cost beyond specified yearly stipend be necessary to maintain the website, solicit approval of the Board.
6.  Maintain communication with the Board and Committee Chairs to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.
7.  Give yearly report to the Board at annual meeting.

Items to be transferred at the change of chair:
All information necessary for continued viability of the website.

Knowledge of website design, maintenance, and security.

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