2015 Board Nominations

CSET board positions are up for nominations this year. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone for any of these positions, post a reply here or email …

Board member election results

The results from the board member election are in! New board members are: Sara Batson, R.EEGT., R.PSGT. Angie Gustafson, R.EEGT., R.PSGT Ryan Lau, R.EEG/EPT., CNIM, CLTM Secretary is: Sherry Kelly, …

In memoriam of Verne D. Hulce, Ph.D., R.EP T, CNIM, RPSGT, RRT

Verne D. Hulce, Ph. D., R. EP T, CNIM, RPSGT, RRT
March 9, 1942 – September 3, 2009

Dr. Hulce was a long-term advisor and contributer to MSET as an honorary board member; speaker; advisor; sponsor; and motivator. His life-long endeavor to overcome obstacles began early in life and he never allowed the deafness acquired as a premature infant to prevent him from his pursuit of excellence.

CSET on Facebook

CSET now has a group on Facebook.  Join the Facebook CSET group and connect with other members!  Only paid CSET members will be accepted to the group so if you …