15 thoughts on “CSET 2018 Annual Meeting – Rochester, MN

  1. Sheila Wurth

    Is there a course list for this year’s meeting available?

  2. Yuliya


    Just wondering when the course brochure and registration form for CSET 2018 Annual Meeting will be available?
    Any ideas?


  3. Garrett Brown

    Hi – I am trying to locate a board prep seminar-I am in the unfortunate situation of not passing part 2 of the exam for the third time so I am not allowed to attempt again until late June. My name is Garrett and I am a Neuro Tech at Northwestern Hospital Lake Forest,Il- Thanks

  4. Garrett

    Hi- will the April 13,14 meeting focus on board prep? I have had the misfortune of not passing part 2 for the 3rd time- I need the highest quality instructors possible.


  5. Shawn

    Hi Everyone,
    We are currently working on getting the Courses set up. The course directors are hard at work recruiting presenters as I write this. We usually try to have the brochure out no later than late February. This year CSET will have courses on EEG/ LTM/ ICU/ IONM and Autonomic-special studies. Thank you for your questions and have a wonderful day.

  6. Shawn

    Hi Garrett,
    Unfortunately we don’t have a course that focus’ soley on board prep. ABRET offers the ASAP and ASET does offer study material like flash cards and texts that may help. Good luck as you move forward and remember, you can do it!! Shawn

  7. Yuliya

    Hi Garrett!

    The Middleton Training Center features Neurology Clinical Training Courses, designed to help EEG, LTM, IOM, Sleep, EMG, and EP clinicians and technicians to stay at the forefront of their profession.
    The courses are hosted in our Middleton, Wisconsin, USA office
    (a suburb of Madison).

  8. Yuliya

    Where can I find out the cost of registration and classes?


  9. Brianna

    Hello, how do I register for the meeting? What is the cost? Can someone attend just one day?

  10. Brian Post author

    We will be posting the meeting brochure by the end of this week everyone.

  11. Samantha Bellefeuille

    Thanks for the update Brian!

  12. Lisa

    How many CEU’s are available for attending? Thanks!

  13. Brian Post author

    Total approved CEUs are listed at the top of each course for each day in the brochure.

  14. Lisa

    Just wondering when and where the CSET 2019 Annual Meeting will be.
    Any ideas?

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